Supersized Kids - Rescue Your Child from Obesity

Childhood Obesity - How To Rescue Your Child from the Obesity Threat

SuperSized Kids shows how the mushrooming childhood obesity epidemic is destroying children's lives, draining family resources and pushing America dangerously close to a total health care collapse.

There is a solution -- SuperSized Kids explains, step by step, how parents can work to avert the coming crisis by taking control of the weight challenges facing every member of their family. Find out more...


Angel Lopez is a single father with 2 children Angel Jr, age 13, and Aimee, age 11.He wanted to find a way to motivate his kids to start taking better care of their health and rescue them from the obesity threat.

SuperSized Kids gave his family a way to get on the right track. Click here to read how Angel and other families have found success in making healthy lifestyle changes.

"Walt Larimore and Sherri Flynt have written what is an essential new book for every parent in America… I highly recommend it for its educational insights, and its nutritional guidance for our children today."
-- Senator Tom Coburn, MD


You have questions, Dr. Walt and Sherri have answers.

In these videos, the authors of SuperSized Kids answer 10 questions families want to know about conquering the childhood obesity threat. Watch here...

Child Obesity Risk? Take A QuizIs your Child at Risk?
Nutrition, activity, and family history -- what are your child's risk factors and what can you change?

Find out by taking this 10 minute quiz designed to show where you and your entire family may need to improve in your quest to become healthier.


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