This Assessment Quiz is an automated version of the same questionnaire you will find in Appendix A of SuperSized Kids. In the book we estimate it will take you about 30 minutes to complete. Here on the web, the automated version can be completed in about 10 minutes because we do all the calculations for you!

The following questionnaire has been designed to help you assess not only the degree of SuperSize risk your child or teen may face, but also to introduce you to the factors you and your family can control to dramatically reduce this risk. We hope that by completing this questionnaire, you will gain a useful and instant snapshot of your child's SuperSize status.

Please note that this exercise is not meant for you to show your children where they come up short. Rather, this survey is designed to show where you and your entire family may need to improve in your quest to become healthier.

The more accurately you assess your child, the more helpful this tool will be. Although this measurement tool has not been scientifically tested, it is based upon our experience and an extensive review of the research literature.

As you read each description below, mark the appropriate answer to represent your evaluation of your child's SuperSize status.


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